Thursday, June 3, 2010

Holier Than God!!!

I was looking for a BIGGER expression than more Catholic than the Pope, something not so parochial and local. This expression of course refers to many activist groups I kind of resent in one way and who scare the hell out of me in another way, like my friend Camila says, can’t remember her exact words but something to the effect of a form of irrational people phobia, but who wouldn’t? Anyone who read Germinal knows a mob is something quite scary like a tsunami or a tidal wave.

Activists who will kill people to protect animals, activists who put in danger whalers lives to save the whales, activist who kill the doctor who “kills” babies, those who burn down places with people inside to protest against lab testing or fur commerce etc.

PETA is actually one of my pet peeves as they seem to attract a lot of freaks and weirdos as well plus they got their priorities screwed like most.

Somehow I still do believe is some sort of Godly order established of old well partly anyway, got some reluctances when it comes to that sacrifice word though but the old, very old “thou shalt have dominion over them” appeals to me.

I mean yeah the fur business is ludicrous and yeah the designer jeans business is ludicrous but at times and places it is alright to survive using what is at hand for food and clothing and it had been alright for a long time, never seen any crazy activist whack Daniel Boone with a placard.

Hell Jesus and Buddha ate fish and meat and I am gonna be BETTER than them? Talk about stupid idiotic pride only humans can indulge in now.

Not only did he eat them he threw thousands of ‘em in Peter’s net, how mean could he be?

There so much more important issues and priorities that are not taken care of to begin worrying about whether one species will survive over the other or not as this game has been played for thousands of years and most of the time it has nothing to do with us humans but with mother Nature whims and periods.

It often seems to me that many activists, in my not so humble opinion, haven’t succeeded to rule their adjacent world like their friends and family therefore they escape in a bigger war instead to justify their lack of victory and control over anything, usually someone with a mega huge big chip on his/her shoulder of personal life problems unresolved, so let’s play the old game of projection and deflection so I don’t have to face my issues and can escape in a world of fantasy and illusions and lies somewhere instead.

I know all animals are created equal in the gospel according to Orwell but you know? Some animals are more equal than other and if you give me a choice between a cat and my child I know where my priorities are as learned by experience.

The longest 5 seconds of my life were when our house was burning in high flames and we heard a human like scream coming from inside, I quickly counted all my chicks/sheep and sighed in great great relief that they were all accounted for while a friend of ours was hysterical about the cruel death of the cat, I for one could not care less as all my cherished ones were sound and safe.

As a rule, mobs are not quite concerned about reason and rationality.

People who mind abortions often don’t mind senseless countless deaths of their young ones sent for nothing else but GREED to die “for their countries”. Again priorities screwed, the government telling you not to kill your babies because it’s their fucking job to kill them.

In this screwed up world where nothing is really black or white I am not entirely sure that to bring a baby to life in their lost situation, already born of sin to begin with, is not a bigger sin to make them suffer a lifelong of abuse and ignorance. Having been in school and seen some very young souls lost and scarred for life I question the apparent “morality” of some pro life rednecks.

So save the whales if you wish and get the whole set but don’t forget that we are the top of creation or food chain whichever way you wanna see it and we are very lost and confused and lied to all day long so don’t be so quick to be a judge and jury and executioner.

Fallacious Logic Used to Quell Cognitive Dissonance? No Shit Sherlock! It Happens Every Day, Many Times a Day!

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  1. Priorities screwed indeed.
    Nice rant, PETA does scare me, "What's her face" is against people having babies. Have you watched the Bullshit episode on PETA? I've downloaded all of them a long time ago. Although I love animals, I have no problem killing it if it attacks me.

    How about You Don't Know Jack from HBO?