Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Follow the Money! Follow the Lies!

Hurt Mining, Hurt Everyone.

The world's highest mining tax will hurt everyone. Click here to find out how it will hurt you.

So what does one hear and see and more importantly THINK when one sees this Outrageous Propaganda on Facebook?

Oh let`s read this unbiased report filled with truths and enlightenment. I THINK NOT.

I don`t know if Rudd is right or wrong all I know is if you are going to attack the oligarchy, you better have big guns or fast legs.

Money has its own ways to get what it wants and it doesn`t care much for anything, last of all truth.

No need to do the right thing Mr. Rudd.
That would be impossible from where you are.
You have too much to lose and money put you on that chair and money can and will take you out just as easy.

Bottom line is it won`t make any difference at all either way whether you are reelected or the other loser/puppet fills your shoes.
I do have to admit though the other puppet seems even scarier as the big money might not mind his Holy Inquisition approach as a side kick show.

Small Print at the bottom

Authorised by Mitch Hooke, Minerals Council of Australia 44 Sydney Ave Forrest ACT 2603

The Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) represents Australia's exploration, mining and minerals processing industry, nationally and internationally.

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    So goddamn predictable! How can people still believe in phony democracy and the illusion that they are led by the people they see?