Monday, June 7, 2010


Right Extremist Religious Nuts are very scary people just as scary to me as any terrorists.

Their blind self righteousness and god complex is nothing short of Hitlerian.

Which bring me to my subject of choice, today`s “issue”: CENSORSHIP!

Is it only me or am I a clueless rebel without a cause? It irritates me to no end to have censorship forced on me, every time I watch either a TV or Airplane Flight Movie or more often these days a YouTube Video and I see this master Holy Inquisition imposing their self righteous views on ME I boil inside. Who are you to tell me what I can listen to and what I can’t and you think that children and most people are totally dumb and stupid and won’t fill the gap themselves?

The latest most irritating experience was listening to a Nickelback video that had 23 million viewers with something like a 100 million censoring as if people don’t know DUH that rock bands sing about drugs and the word ass is not to be heard either. Watching Gone Baby Gone on the plane was absolute torture to hear the word fricking every 2nd word and whatever they use for the MF word these days.

Let’s put my head way up my ass and pretend everything is honky dory Alice!

Same with Pacino screaming on TV well FORGET you right? As if? They must think we are really dumb and stupid like them.

Freedom of Choice and Free Will and anything in the name of freedom should give us a CHOICE.

Brando/Kurtz had it expressed perfectly in Apocalypse now.

We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won't allow them to write "fuck" on their airplanes because it's OBSCENE!

The real obscenities lies in the dark secrets of these morality Nazis and their thirst for blood, control, and power.

The Horror....The Horror!

Hope I didn’t break the rules of my daily horoscope today Hahaha!

Capricorn: Tolerance and patience should be your watch cries over the next two months particularly in situations where you are discussing beliefs, values, political thoughts etc. Your efforts will be highly effective if you channel your energy into those things which serve the greater good rather than selfish purposes. That is not to say you shouldn't look after your own or those of loved ones, but there should be balance between the two. There could be some travel or travel plans made over this period too for later in the year. Don't get trigger happy with words at home tonight.

Two Months??? The Stars are sure demanding a lot. Don’t think I could last two hours! J

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