Friday, June 11, 2010



Curses and Curves! Who is to tell what is what? All the W5’s of the world remain as always unanswered. Who? Why? When? Where? And hoW?

What is more puzzling actually is that credos and beliefs of totally opposite natures still come to pass when someone “believes”, which makes pharmacology, witchcraft, astrologers, chain letters and psychics all part of one big PLACEBO system. Add to this the love of money and all its dishonesty and you just begin to see that this road has no end either. It would seem that our glasses are always tinted no matter what and no one is born with a clear vision as our entire environment and kindred work to warp it ASAP.

Most major religions have failed, adding so many useless traditions from the very beginning and basically killing the original message more than often for the sake of money or compromise or some other form of corruption. The other end of the spectrum leaves so many questions of retribution and justice unanswered as well. John Lennon and Marx leave big black holes of senselessness.

Somehow I don’t think we are “programmed” to receive “The Truth”.

(You can check out anytime you like but you can never leaveJ)

It usually involves a life time commitment and sacrifices and a lot of money and more than often for the profit of someone else.

As to why what hits us hits us? Well, nothing but guesses and conjunctures.

Yes there it is Life is nothing but conjunctures and conjunctions!

Juncture: a critical moment in time. Who is to tell what is critical and what is ordinary?

Quite often in fact a moment is only critical in hindsight as the significance of it was totally missed at the very moment it happened.

Conjunctures and Conjunctions of Causality and Circumstances of Consequences.

Causes and Effects of Chain Reactions and Domino Effects.

Nonplusses of Nonsense and Nominal Normality.

Socrates Sacred Secret: All Questions and No Answers.

So why keep asking one would ask?

Because one can and one should?

A healthy degree of Cynicism and Criticism and Skepticism?

Sure seems better than dumb sheep for the slaughterhouse anyway.

But trying to decipher all the lies is more than a lifetime work though.

O well until Nathan Messinger knocks on my door and excuses himself for the long delay *

I’ll keep knocking ad nauseum.

A.S.K. Ask, Seek, and Knock.

Or so it is said.

Ask and You Shall Receive.

Seek and You Shall Find.

Knock and the Door WILL be Open unto You!

*Daniel 10:12-14 and City of Angels

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