Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blasted with Blasphemies!

I am not even awake yet and I have been blasted not once but twice with the word “blasphemy” in less than 5 minutes. Who lowered the bar?

There was a time where so called blasphemies were immediately punishable by death by stoning but now they are a dime a dozen. Thanks to the media for cheapening everything they touch in order to make their mighty dollars.

What is a blasphemy anyway? If there was one mighty elastic stretchable word that would be one as everyone makes himself a little god/pope/imam and decides who is to die or not.

What some call blasphemy I call a damn good sense of humour and wit.

The real blasphemy is probably that this very sense of humour that keeps us light and joyful and sane is frowned at and condemned and inexistent among ignorant fanatics.

It seems to me that the extra wise “ Let He who has never sinned throw the first stone” is buried and forgotten in a huff and puff of not so “Holy Wrath” raised by every Tom, Dick and Harriet!

Sad really and the media playing with words they don’t understand, using them for a rise and a penny.

Etymology being a favourite subject of mine along with linguistics and semantics, all to be differentiated with media spin and sensationalism, I would like to know what a REAL blasphemy is.

Skipping most of the Greek stuff you all hate one gets the idea that to blaspheme is to speak evil of, here is another woozy. Everybody and his donkey use the word evil today as some sort of a device to imply that what they are about to do is GOOD???

Yeah Right! Sure! Whatever! Please read my previous blog on the Knowledge of Good and Evil!

Now back to the news, Katy Perry calling Gaga blasphemous had an immediate free association with me of Pot and Kettle and Black altogether. Nothing that Madonna hasn’t done for years to begin with plus I hardly know that Perry girl but I got a feeling she is no saint somehow.

Anyway glad the age of stoning is over there wouldn’t be much glass left in this word.

It is always extremely dangerous and scary when one starts to play the outraged and enflamed Holy Inquisitor AND Executioner at the same time: Good Recipe to wipe out the whole planet anyway.

As Tevye says in A Fiddler on the Roof: “An Eye for an Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth and this way all the entire world will be Blind AND Toothless.”

Anyway if there is a GOD I think he is big enough and strong enough and powerful enough to take good care of himself, especially if he holds our very breath in his hand now I wouldn’t be worried too much about him. The trouble always starts when WE mortals try to do the immortal’s work as IF HE needed our help for that and also as if our little offended pride needed a sacrifice of blood.

So go easy on the big words fellow mortals and humans and also the media. Roll a big one and say PEACE AND LOVE to ALL!

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