Saturday, December 5, 2009

most people are other people

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation" - Oscar Wilde
Kind of ironic, paradoxal and counterproductive to quote this quotation! J It’s defeating the whole purpose of it by just mentioning it.
But on the other hand I am most people even though I do find myself quite unique and peculiar.
Extremely unique in fact some would say just like the rest of us.
There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t quote either the lyrics of a song, lines from a movie or either a bible saying or an author and all that without hardly any knowledge of Shakespeare but even A Brave New World had a whole bunch of quotations in it which brings out the question who are we really? The sum of all our moments and everything we’ve heard, seen and felt? The catalytic reaction to all the ionic bombardments our mind suffers every day? Electrons and atoms and carbon unit and dust and bones but who are we really? The manifestation of our current thought of the moment? Fake it til you believe it? One might as well say in vino veritas or lie until it becomes truth to you: living the fallacy aka denial, repression, projection, delusion or plain numb nuts.
One I suppose has to be quite clever to lie to oneself and believe their own lies. Or was it dumb now?
In fact my rate of quotations is probably much higher than “most people”, almost ad nauseum to a few. I would go much further than Oscar Wilde and say that ALL people ARE other people, his approach seemingly being very pretentious and even arrogant without mentioning totally delusional.
No one is created a whole soul impermeable to all its surrounding. In fact some souls definitely seem to be absolutely doomed at birth repeating the same boring pattern as their ancestors with no chance of ever getting out of the vicious circle. One would see plenty of that in primary schools and orphanages making you wonder if the unborn again are not luckier? Which is more cruel really? Living a false hope or facing sad reality?
Funny that we do not have any problems at all with animal euthanasia and compulsory sterilisation while we breed humans topsy turvy left and right and force them to suffer because it is the “RIGHT” thing to do to some self righteous pricks who are just more hypocrite and deluded and control freak than the others: The basis of all religions really: establish yourself as a little god by calling yourself a priest or a minister. Sure have pity on the poor cats and dogs but gang bang the children. WHAT MORONS WE ARE!
Go live in the ghettos, in the poor villages, in shanties and other so called socio economical low income uneducated people. Open your eyes and see. Are you mad enough to breed in this environment? Don’t you know that the cycle of hell will just repeat itself? I know I know there is no answer except maybe to one or two of them who will get the message and avoid the wrong thing at the wrong time or are we just cattle after all?
O well one can always dream and imagine like John Lennon but don’t hold your breath John it will NEVER NEVER HAPPEN! ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE! You couldn’t even wipe out the whole planet and start anew with two because it would inevitably again go in the same way and in the same direction. We are defective engineering basically.
So how ‘bout that Oscar? Hmmmmm?
Maybe I am off my rocker, in the olden days one use to breed twelve of them to get one through alive to propagate the race. Too bad so sad for the eleven who didn’t make it I guess. Sometimes you’re the apple tree and at others you are just the manure.
Funnily enough this little epistle has very little quotations compared to my usual stuff. J

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