Wednesday, December 16, 2009



Why is it that some people have the sense not to play with guns crossbows and high balconies no matter how drunk, stoned or shitfaced they are and some don’t? Having fun is the most misused and abused expression on the planet. Nothing personal to all the William S. Burroughs of the World but WHY oh WHY? Sure it’s a good way to learn and deal with your demons but could there be a better less rough way?

The laws do not change according to our perception of them. Danger is danger, statistics are statistics and gravity is gravity.

Has anyone ever heard the expression “an accident waiting for a place to happen” or “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? I am sure Mr. Burroughs and the likes know damn well that there is not enough cure in the world.

So please anyone don’t die or kill anyone in the name of fun, please try to THINK a little before you act no matter how drunk you are. Life is just too precious. We are all humans and I am sorry for all those who lost but let’s prepare for a better future for all those who are left and still in danger.

I am sure Mr. Burroughs would agree and Clint Eastwood as well. Trust me! You DON’T WANNA know what it is like to kill someone else ....or yourself.

If this message can save only one life it will be worthwhile.

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