Saturday, December 5, 2009

Why Oh Why!

Well there will be many of that of course and very few because or answers in fact. But one the first whys of why I started this is that I found Facebook way too restrictive to my creative "juice" with its 400 something characters limits. And all passions will go and pass but each falling star should leave a little memory, an aftertaste.

Plus as I was saying earlier we are all part of all and everything that surrounds us so maybe this way I will leave a tiny minuscule cosmic trail that will seed itself forever.

Some will attend to be profound, some will be silly and humorist and witty and a load of crap too I am sure. Oh yeah there should be a warning on the language as well and some awareness of the author not always being exactly sober these days but some of our best drunks have written genial masterpieces so don't judge me too hard! Glean It or Leave It! Up to you really!

Mostly an outlet for my bipolar effusions what ever side of the spectrum they are.

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