Sunday, December 6, 2009

Size matters.

Ok! Ok! Cheap title! And definitely not one of my lines but, always a but, in this semantically handicapped world how does one express smallness vs. gimongousness?

Here it is place in ascending order











And that is in English alone.

Mind you it is so much easier in mathematics.

Also a few of these words had to be “created” as we go along, well extracted from the Greek more likely as late as 1991 when we ran out of fingers and toes to count.

But how small exactly am I in a 889 Ym “KNOWN” Universe? Oops Sorry only 880 Ym.

1 yoctomicron?

And what is a known universe actually? Is it the real universe now?

Infinitely small, yet top of the food chain apparently, still wondering if there is intelligent life out there since OBVIOUSLY there is absolutely none down here, just the worst kind in fact, beings who THINK they’re intelligent but butcher each other left right and centre not any better than any beast in the jungle that they look down on.

So up to a point we all end up as someone’s food. Even if we get cremated which is such a big fashion these days, ashes being nothing but an excellent fertiliser for food or grass that some animal will consume and eventually, pardon my French, SHIT!

And also who says fertiliser says manure therefore that word again. SHIT. Would you think Dung would be more proper or King James? As long as one gets the gist and the drift in this handicapped semantic I think it’s good enough.

Same with burial where we become scavengers and maggots shit. So basically this world is very scatological more than eschatological.

Scatology IS our Eschatology.

An antelope will end up lion shit or hyena shit, a worm will be bird shit and so on and so forth.

Would like to think of a better word but Shit it is and Shit it will remain: enough Impact in this already limiting semantic.

And this poor guy who got lost and never found in the outback is certainly now dingo shit: just a slightly quicker catalyst than burial really.

Now the famous ethereal part well anyone seen it lately?

It oughta be out there somewhere? Or yotta be anyway! That 21 grams? Seen it? Smelled it?

21 grams of Spirit, Soul, Air! What the Hell happens to it for Eternity?

That is a bloody yotta long time now.

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