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Sitting at the foot of... being a disciple. What does it all mean? Some were good and some were mediocre and some were just downright bad anyway. All sort of soils at the foot of a master to begin with and that is making a huge assumption that the master, the source is pure already.

I don’t know any other and I kind of like Jesus in his essence, ‘cept maybe for the turning the other cheek business which is getting a little irritating particularly after that cheek has been slapped plenty of times in life by many and largely by a so called master who was nothing but an arrogant lying psychopath: Too many Jones and Koresh out there.

But Jesus in general seems quite cool to me, almost hippy, Peace and Love and Do the Righty, Don’t hurt anyone and love the wretches and watch out for those religious hypocrites. Try to stay clean and don’t lay too much of a burden on your shoulder that’s my job. Just take a walk with me and we’ll be alright. I am gentle and humble.

I somehow wish he’d speak a little clearer at times but hey I can’t have it all. I am just getting a bit tired of parables and riddles and their openness to so many interpretations because everyone knows interpretation is the beginning of evil and rift and war and blood and divisions.

The rest of the so called masters I don’t know them really but if they have something good to say in the line of that messiah bloke I am willing to listen.

Anyway for the sake of concision without circumventing the serious issues here I have other problems with Judeo-Christianity. For one thing that Son of God seems so different from his Father, you sometimes wonder if it was the same Father or what exactly happened to a supposed to be immutable god: Blood and Guts, and Stoning and genocides and incest galore and strange methods of making babies and what else and what not from an eye for an eye to turn the other cheek is a huge internal turmoil of a change. God can’t have a change of heart or go to a retreat now.

Another reason for believing in fact since there is really no rational reason to do so, besides the fact as I mention earlier that there is no justice and retribution in this world and there SHOULD be some somewhere AND One People cannot be the centre of attention and hatred for thousands of years without some force of good and evil highly involved behind that.

Mind you there is no justice or retribution for the antelopes and the fishes and the ants and all the birds and insects out there and they do kill each other left, right and centre under that kind of logic. The rest of nature only turns into manure in fact. Maybe it is our fate too.

But the human spirit certainly doesn’t like this idea plus it creates a whole new set of rules of good and evil and all is good if you don’t get caught attitude so either way we’re back to the jungle.

Maybe oh maybe we’re not only dust in the ground and ashes to ashes but in fact we’re nothing but SHIT. Here is that lovely word again. To think of it we are nothing but STENCH anyway physically and morally. So next time you sit on the throne look down and see and smell your future. J

Paradoxically we feed on each other and shit feeds as well. That nice lamb chop you just had was a cute little curly woolly thing attached to its mother and bleating joyfully and now it’s down your toilet en route to a very stinking processing plant and will return to nature and farmers and you will eat it again in your next tomato sandwich.

THAT’S HOW IT IS! So whether you are a vegan or not don’t change much.

Speaking of one of my most favourite stand as well without being too “d├ęcousu” or digressing or rambling but here it goes part b or c of this chapter that has been a couple of places already and hasn’t really explored anything deeply yet and I doubt that it ever will. J

Vegans! Ahhhhhh! Such a nice trend, even posh trend even yuppie trend some would say.

My stand so far is that Jesus, Buddha and Mohamed all ate meat. So why in the world would I be such a hypocrite as to try to be more catholic than the pope himself? For lack of a more universal expression.

And Jesus drank wine also HALLELUJAH! And no Vicky Pollard here please ... YEAH BUT....NO BUT...

Strange how human pride tries to outdo God himself at times; tempted from the beginning to be as gods.

For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

If I was to follow a dietary rule I would certainly choose Paul Bragg’s as he is the only one I know that had the proof in the pudding and not only empty words... a witness to his own words.

So here we go: Jesus, Dung and Food.

We’ve covered enough food for thought for now.

1.To lay siege at the feet of a master one has to find the right master to begin with which is not an easy quest and two, one has to have the correct ears, heart and mind (soil) to receive properly. Ever since we were given to choose good or evil for ourselves it has been a gigantic can of worms and a humongous Pandora’s Box.

2. Our physical being is nothing but part of the feeding cycle of this planet. We begin as scum and end as shit. We are impurities, disease breeding disease. This is why we have to either be burned or buried deep like nuclear waste.

3. In our spiritual quest we should not try to outdo the best out there in an arrogant and proud manner. Balance and moderation in everything has its point and starting to decide what is wrong for who is the beginning of hatred and blood pouring.

For instance anti abortion activists who killed doctors and pro Animals activist who kill human beings.

Madness and Mayhem! Pure Folly and Confusion!

Live and Let Live! And let God decide for himself who goes and who stays.

Who do you think you are to establish yourself as the executioner of God?

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